By securing your security deposit online with Swikly, you have authorized your rental company to debit your credit card for a maximum amount corresponding to the amount of the security deposit.

If you have received an email from Swikly warning you that your security deposit has been debited, and you feel that the charge is unjustified, we invite you to answer directly to the email received, explaining precisely why you feel that the charge is unjustified, and adding a maximum of justifying elements (photos, videos, email or sms exchanges, screenshots...).

Swikly provides an online security deposit service and cannot occur in the contractual relationship you have with your renter. The latter remains free and responsible before the law of the possible collections of the security deposit. 

You remain free to exercise any recourse, against the decision of the renter, to collect your security deposit. Swikly will be able to facilitate your steps by directing you towards a mediator and by providing you with the supporting documents of the collections (invoices, photos, etc). However, Swikly cannot decide on the legitimity of the reclaim request.