BookingSync is a professional vacation rental software, ideal for 20+ properties. With the Swikly App for BookingSync, you can automate your security deposit requests.

In charge of the implementation:

As part of this integration, the set up is done wby Swikly, it can also be conducted independently by following the tutorial below.

Here is the list of available features in this implementation:

  • Type of request
    • Security deposit only 
    • Payment only
    • Security deposit + balance payment


  • How to send your requests : 
    • By email


  • Automation according to : 
    • Booked accommodation
    • Booking source
    • Date of stay

  • How to track my requests:
    • From BookingSync, in the reservation list
    • From Swikly, on your dashboard

  • Amount of my requests : 
    • Security deposit: Variable taken from the PMS
    • Payment of the balance : variable taken from the PMS

  • Automatic reminder : Yes

Implementation tutorial

1) Link between your Swikly account and your BookingSync account

  • Log into your BookingSync account, go to the App Center and click on Swikly
  • Click on "Install"
  • Once installed, enter your Swikly id (which is your login email address) and your password
  • And that's it ! Your Swikly account is linked to your BookingSync account

2) Set up

Once the Swikly app installed, you have to choose the option who suits you best from Swikly. To do that, go to your Swikly account and click on "Partners", then "BookingSync". All you have to do is check the option of your choice:

  • Security deposit only
  • Payment only
  • Security deposit + balance payment

Once the option select, you have to create notifications to send your requests from the App Notifications of your BookingSync account.

  • If you already have BookingSync Notifications set up for your security deposit requests, you can simply adapt them by copying and pasting the link below into your templates. It will display the Swikly button and thus redirect your customers to your Swikly form.

{% capture link %}{{booking.synced_id}}/secure/{{booking.reference}} {% endcapture %}
{% include "button", label: "Payer la caution →", link: link %}

  • If you have not set up Notifications or want to send a specific email for your security deposit requests, you can follow the steps. If you have not already done so, you must first install the BookingSync Notifications application from the BookingSync app-center.

Swikly offers you to install two notifications. The first one is to be sent a few weeks/days before the check-in. It explains to your customer how to secure his security deposit and eventually pay the balance of the rental.

From the Notifications App of BookingSync, click on New Notification.

Configure it by giving it a name and by applying the following filters in "Booking filters" (You can add other filters according to your context):

  • Not canceled bookings
  • Bookings without any of the selected tags ; Bookings tags : Deposit Secured
  • Bookings with any selected sources ; Sources :, HomeAway (for example)
  • Require client email

These filters allow you to send deposit requests to all non-cancelled reservations, all reservations that do not have the "Deposit Secured" tag, all reservations from the following sources: and HomeAway, and all bookings with known email addresses.

You can of course choose others sources for sending your requests.

All these parameters can be adapted according to your activity and your rental context.

  • Then, set up the delivery window : you have to choose when you want the security deposit request email to be sent and when you want to send the first reminder. For example, 10 days before the check-in and 3 days before the check-in if the security deposit is not secured. 

Your first notification is created, now you need to create a second one to send a reminder to your customers.

The second BookingSync Notification is usually scheduled 1 or 2 days before the rental starts. It allows you to send a reminder to the customer if he has not yet secure his security deposit. 

The process is the same, you just have to create a second notification with the same parameters, adapting the sending period. Generally, we advise you to send a reminder 2 days before the arrival of the customer.  

Everything is ready, your security deposits and/or payment requests will be sent automatically, at the right time!

Additional questions about integration with BookingSync

How do I know if my customer has secured their security deposit and/or paid for their reservation? 

When a customer secures a security deposit, the BookingSync tag represented by a small blue lock will be displayed on your BookingSync dashboard (reservation list). The paid balance will also be updated in your dashboard by displaying the payment gauge in green. 

Here is the result on your dashboard:

How do I view the emails sent to my customers? 

In order to view the content sent to your customers, you just need to open the BookingSync Notifications application, you will then see all the notifications created as below:

By clicking on "Show", on the right side of the page, you will be able to view the emails sent to your customers with all the configuration filters chosen on the left.

How to find a sent email?How to integrate BookingSync with Swikly if I have a multi-account?

In the BookingSync Notifications application, click on the "sent" tab on the left to see all the emails that have been sent to your customers.

To search by booking reference, we invite you to use the CTRL+F command, to insert the reference in the search bar that appears: the emails containing this reference will be highlighted in yellow.

From this tab, you can also resend the emails by clicking on "resend" or check if they have been opened by your customers by clicking on "stats".

How to integrate BookingSync with Swikly if I have a multi-account?

First, you have to link the main Swikly account (the Manager account) to your BookingSync account by following step 1 of the integration tutorial.

Following this link, Swikly will detect the different properties existing in Bookingsync and will list them in the "Partners" and "Bookingsync" sections of your Swikly account. You will then be abble to choose which Swikly accounts (managed accounts) are to be linked to wich properties.