SPI LS is a vacation rental management software that supports you in your daily work. 

Thanks to the integration of Swikly in SPI LS, you will be able to automate the management of your deposits.

In charge of the implementation:

As part of this integration the implementation is done by Swikly, it can also be carried out independently by following the tutorial below.

Here is the list of features available in the Swikly/SPI integration:

  • Type of request
    • Security deposit only

  • How to send your requests :
    • By email


  • Automation according to : 
    • Date of stay


  • How to follow my requests :
    • From SPI, on the customer's stay form, tab "Pricing" and from the list of arrivals column "Security Deposit". 
    • From Swikly, on your dashboard

  • Amount of my requests : 
    • Security deposit : Variable recovered from SPI 

  • Automatic reminder : 
    • The reminder is not automatic, but it can be done manually sending back the security deposit request. 

Integration tutorial

This is the level 2 integration tutorial, it requires SPI version 1.11. 

1) Gateway connection and choice of option

In order to connect your Swikly account to your SPI account, you must first get your SPI agency reference. You can find your agency reference from SPI by clicking on "Settings" then "Agencies". 

Once the information has been retrieved from SPI, you must register it on Swikly. The registration of this reference is done from the tab "Partners", then "SPI" in the following way:  

Once your agency code is inserted, your SPI account is linked to your Swikly account. 

We invite you to enter a default security deposit amount, which will be taken into account if no security deposit amount is entered on SPI: 

Finally, you will need to activate the Swikly link on your agency "Preferences": 

2) Set up 

Once the accounts are linked, all that is left is to create your security deposit request. 

In SPI, automatic emails are made available to you. The one corresponding to the security deposit request is called "Arrival reminder" or "Security Deposit". You can find it from SPI by clicking on "Settings", "Agencies" and then clicking on the "Modify" button:

The following page is displayed: 

Go to the "Emails" tab and open the email manager. This is where the "Arrival reminder" or "Security Deposit" email is located. 

In order to automate the sending of security deposits, you just need to add a new field to the "Arrival reminder" email. This is not necessary for the "Security Deposit" email.

In the email manager, a new merge field is available for the "Arrival reminder" email called "Swikly_lien_caution". 

The secure Swikly deposit request link is created automatically by SPI LS from the information contained in the reservation file.

The amount of the security deposit requested via the link corresponds to the sum of the accommodation security deposit and the household deposit entered in the "Pricing" part of the traveler's file. 

When the tenant has secured the security deposit via the Swikly website, the generated link will no longer be functional.

In order to define when you want to send this email, you can change the number of days before arrival in the box on the top left "Days before arrival". We recommend that you send a security deposit request email 7-10 days before the guests' arrival.

A cookie to record the fact that the security deposit has been secured by the tenant is available in the "Pricing" section of a file. This cookie will be updated automatically by SPI with the date and time of the security deposit. 

In addition, for each secured deposit you will receive a confirmation email with the name of the traveler and the secured amount. The transaction will also be updated on your Swikly dashboard. 

A new column entitled "Caut." will be available in the folder list. This column will allow you to quickly view the files for which you can reapply to the renter to secure the deposit.

To relaunch a security deposit request, you will just have to click (right click) on the file that requires a relaunch and select the field "Mail auto secure deposit": 

This triggers a new security deposit request. 

From SPI, you can also retrieve the security deposit link to open it at the counter. 

 Right-click on the file concerned in the list of files and click on "Copy Swikly link". 

The link is copied to your computer's clipboard and you just have to open it on a web page. 

Everything is ready, your bail requests will be sent automatically, at the right time!