Applicamp allows the daily management of campgrounds.

In charge of the implementation: 

The integration is done from Applicamp, we invite you to contact Nadine Pubert ( to install the Swikly module.

Here is the list of features available in the Swikly/Applicamp implementation:

  • Type of request
    • Security deposit only 
    • Payment only
    • Security deposit + balance payment


  • How to send your requests : 
    • By email


  • Automation according to : 
    • Booked accommodation
    • Source of the reservation
    • Date of stay

  • How to track my requests : 
    • From Applicamp, on the customer's stay form
    • From Swikly, on your dashboard

  • Amount of my requests : 
    • Security deposit : Variable, retrieved from the accommodation form
    • Balance payment : Variable, retrieved from the booking form

  • Automatic reminder : Yes, done at D-3, (modifiable) with the possibility to do a mass reminder