Yaago is a platform created by French owners, to help with the after-booking management of your short term rental ads.

In charge of the implementation:

As part of this integration, the implementation is done by Swikly, it can also be conducted independently by following the tutorial below.

Here is the list of features available in the Swikly/Yaago implementation:

  • Type of request
    • Security deposit only
    • Payment + Security deposit 

  • How to send your requests : 
    • By email
    • By SMS


  • Automation according to : 
    • Booked accommodation
    • Source of the reservation
    • Date of stay


  • How to follow my requests : 
    • From Yaago, on the reservation list
    • From Swikly, on your dashboard

  • Amount of my requests : 
    • Security deposit : Variable recovered from Yaago

  • Automatic reminder : Yes