Guesty is a short-term rental property management platform that enables property management companies around the world to streamline and automate all complex operational tasks.

In charge of the implementation:

As part of this integration, the implementation is done by Swikly. 

Here is the list of features available in the Swikly/Guesty implementation:

  • Type of request 
    • Security deposit only 
    • Payment only
    • Security deposit + Balance payment


  • How to send your requests:
    • By email


  • Automation according to : 
    • Type of accommodation 
    • Booking source
    • Date of stay
    • Other tags available in Guesty


  • How to track my requests:
    • From Guesty, a tag "swiklydepositsecured" appears on the reservation list and on the payment details
    • From Swikly, on your dashboard

  • Amount of my requests: 
    • Security deposit: Variable retrieved from Guesty from the "Security Deposit Fee" field of each accommodation
    • Payment of the balance : Variable retrieved from Guesty

  • Automatic reminder : Yes

Implementation tutorial

With Swikly, you can easily request a security deposit and the balance of your rental payment. This is done with a single simple form that is sent to your client, by email, a few days before check-in!

To automate the management of your security deposit requests directly in Guesty, 3 steps are required:

1) Linking your Swikly account to your Guesty account and choice of option 

To get started, log into your Guesty account. Once you are logged in, click on "INTEGRATIONS" then "MARKETPLACE" in the menu and find Swikly.

On the Swikly banner, click on "connect". A page opens where an API key is automatically generated. Once the API key is generated, click on "Copy to clipboard". 

Then, log in to your Swikly account. Once logged in, click on "Partners" in the top right menu, then "Guesty". You can now copy your key into the "Account API Access Key" field. 

Validate, and you will see "Account activated".

Then, just below, you must choose the option that suits you best:

  • Security deposit only: the Swikly form will ask for a credit card imprint to secure a deposit amount.
  • Payment only: the Swikly form will ask to collect the balance.
  • Security deposit + balance payment: the Swikly form will collect the deposit and the balance payment on the credit card in one transaction.

This information is automatically recorded. A blue pop-up appears in the lower right corner to notify you that the option has been validated.

Your Guesty and Swikly accounts are now linked!

2) Set up

To set your security deposit in Guesty, go to one of your accommodations (Listings tab), click on "Pricing anc policies", then on "Pricing" and set your security deposit amount in "Additional fees and charges", "Security deposit fee".

If you already have a set security deposit amount in all your accommodations, no further action is necessary.

3) Creation of the automatic sending of the security deposit request email

In order for the security deposit requests to be sent automatically, at the right time, two email templates must be created (a classic security deposit request email and a reminder email) and their automatic processing must be configured. 

In order to create this automatic email, click on "Listings", then on "Automation" in the menu on the left, then on "Auto Message". Click on "New automated message", and add the following filters:

The above advanced filters are recommended by our services, you can of course change them according to your usage.

We recommend sending the first Swikly security deposit email 10 days before check-in, and the reminder email 1 day before, but you are free to set the time period that suits you best. We also recommend that you delete AirBnb as they already handle security deposits.

After setting these filters, you need to create the security deposit request email to send to your customers. For this, we have created email templates available in your Swikly account. From your Swikly account, click on "Partners", then on "Guesty", and go to the "Templates" tab.

You can then copy and paste this email template into the body of the automated email on Guesty :

You will then have to create another workflow in order to create a dunning email. To do this, you have to do exactly the same thing, but modify the sending window by selecting "1 day before registration".

And that's it! Your security deposits requests will be sent automatically, to the right people, at the right time.

Additional informations

How do I know if the security deposit has been made?

In order to have an overview of the security of your deposits, we invite you to add the column "Swikly deposit secured" by clicking on Columns from the list of your reservations. This allows you to know at a glance if a deposit has been made or not with the Yes or No fields.