If your client did not respect his commitment (damages, no-show or other disputes), you can cash all or part of the swik easily from your dashboard.

To cash the amount, you just need to click on « Collect » next to the relevant transaction. A reclaim request form will appear. You have to specify :

  • The amount you want to reclaim (all or part of the security deposit)
  • The reason of your reclaim request
  • Supporting documents to justify the reclaim and its amount (photos, invoices, etc)


After validation of the request by our team, your customer will be informed of your reclaim request by e-mail.


Once your reclaim is validated by our team, a new transaction line will appear: as long as your request has not been validated by our team, its status is displayed as "pending". During this period, you can modify your request, add supporting documents, modify the amount, cancel your request, etc. Once your request has been made, we take care of everything: arbitration, contact with the client, management of any disputes, etc. You have nothing more to do.