Since you are using Swikly, you may have questions frequently asked by your clients. Here are several answers to help you answering your clients:


  • Is Swikly secure?
    • Of course ! Swikly is a perfectly secured online solution. Your bank imprint is never stored on our computer systems. It is only stored at our payment service provider Mangopay, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, which complies with the latest security standards.


  • Is the security deposit debited or blocked on my bank account?
    • No, by depositing your security deposit with Swikly, the amount is neither debited nor blocked on your bank account. At the end of the rental, your security deposit is automatically released.


  • I’m asked to pay 1€, why?
    • This 1€ is a pre-authorization, not a payment. Since there is no debit and no impact on your bank limit, this preauthorization allows them to check the bank solvency of your account. This is not a debit, and not a payment. If a debit line of "-1€" appears on your account, this 1€ will be recredited automatically within 15 days.


  • When the security deposit will be released?
    • If everything went well during your rental, the security deposit expires automatically a few days after your departure. When your security deposit will be released, you will receive an email to confirm it.