You are waiting for funds and you still haven't received anything? Several reasons are possible:

  • The reception of the first payment may take up to 30 days, in order to accomodate security checks. once the first invoice has been processed, payment reception will be within 7 days.


  • The deadline for the payment of funds for claims is 7 days. Barring any bank delays, funds reclaimed will appear on your bank account within 10 days.


  • Your reclaim request has been validated by our team but we have not yet been able to debit money on the client’s bank account. Once we have successfully collected the funds, the status of your reclaim request will change from “Validated” to “Reclaimed” on your dashboard.



  • Your are waitingfor your first transaction, all the funds will be transferred the next month with your first invoice.

If none of these reasons apply to you, feel free to contact us though the “Support” tab on our website.