On your dashboard you can :

  • Make your online security deposits and or/payments requests
  • View and identify each request (description, amount, customer's contact information, swik creation date, reference…)
  • View the detail of each transaction (start date, expiration date, description, customer’s language…)
  • Search from the search bar using your customer's first or last name, email address, swik reference, etc
  • View the transaction status : « Accepted », « Ended », « Action Required », « Pending »
  • Delete, send a reminder or end your transaction
  • View how many reminders you sent for each transaction
  • Filter your transactions by type (swik, payment or reclaim) and by date
  • Claim a security deposit, specifying the reason and the amount you want to cash
  • Export all your transactions in a Excel file

When you register, a "test" transaction line appears so that you can preview a swik request.

A small green "Help?" button is still available at the bottom left of your dashboard to guide you through the Swikly dashboard.