If your security deposit amount is always the same, you don’t have to send your requests individually from your Swikly account for each rental. You just need to add this link to your confirmation email to automate requests. You can also put this link on your website and invite clients to finalize their booking by securing an online security deposit directly from your website.


To request a permalink, go to https://lelien.swikly.com/, then click on « Créer mon lien Swikly ». You fill in the following fields : 

  • Your Swikly account login address 
  • The language in which you want to create your Swikly form
  • The type of form you want to create: request for swik deposit, reservation swik, or payment (It is also possible to combine the 3!)
  • The amount you would like to request
  • Customer cost-share (optionnal)
  • The description you want your customers to see (i.e.: "Please finalize your reservation by making your deposit")
  • The validity period of your security deposit as stated in with your contract (for the standard and premium services, swiks are valid for 3 months unless otherwise stated in your contract)


You will receive your permalink by email within 24 to 48 hours.


This permanent link can be used in many situations ! Here are some examples :

  • Simplify your security deposit requests: automate them by adding a permanent link to your reservation confirmation email
  • Mass mailing: An event? A large number of deposits to secure? Send hundreds of requests in a few minutes by adding your permanent link to your emailing tool.
  • Complex payments: The permalink allows you to request a deposit AND a payment in one transaction. Fill out the security deposit amount to secure and the payment amount in the form and you are good to go. (Example: security deposit + payment of tourist tax)