When you make a reclaim request, and it is validated by our team, your client receives an email, to informing him of the debit, as well as the reason of the reclaim request indicated in your request.

The email specify :


  • The customer remains free to exercise legal remedies, in accordance with the legal time limits, under any legislation applicable to the transaction that was covered by the Swik.


  • In particular, in accordance with Article 750-1 of the French Code of Civil Procedure, the customer may settle the dispute with the Supplier by resorting to alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, conciliation and participatory procedure, as well as any other method of dispute resolution, whether judicial or not, which is available to you by law. 


If your customer wishes to dispute this reclaim, we invite him to contact us by email.

Thus, we save you time by handling the entire dispute for you.

The supporting documents provided are not forwarded to him.