Swikly works on a pay per use basis, without subscription, entry fees or hiden costs.


When you subscribe to Swikly, you automatically get 3 free swiks available to use for 3 months.


  • The standard price to secure a security deposit/deposit is 1.8% + 0.25 cts (excld taxes). The swik must be accepted by your client in order to be invoiced. If it is not accepted, you do not pay (fees can be pushed fully or splitted with your client)
  • If you want to reclaim an amount on the swik, an exceptionnal fee of 3.4% + 0.25 cts (exld taxes) based on the collected amount is invoiced.
  • The fee for our online payment service is 3% + 0.25 cts (excld taxes)


Example : 


A security deposit of 100€ is accepted by your client : 100€ x 1.8% + 0.25 cts = 2.05€ (excld taxes) (which you can push to your client, partially or fully)


At the end of the renting period or service : 

  • Everything  is went well, I have nothing more to pay except the securisation fee.


  • My client did not comply with rules (damages, no-show...), I have to collect 50€ of the security deposit
    1. 50€ x 3.4% + 0.25 cts = 1.95€ (excld taxes). You can cover these fees by adding those to the total amount reclaimed.
    2. I have to pay a total of 2.05€ + 1.95€ = 4€


Our tarification is based on your business volume. Feel free to contact our Sales team at sales@swikly.com so that you can discuss about your needs together.