When you register on Swikly, you will see « Debit/credit card » and a « Bank account » tabs.

In the « Debit/credit card » tab, you must entry a valid debit/credit card : in addition to billing, this allows us to validate your identity by sending a 3DS code from your bank to your phone. This is a security measure.

In the « Bank account » tab, you need to entry your IBAN, and the account holder's details. The IBAN is used to transfer the funds to you in the event of a reclaim or payment request.

After entering a bank card and a bank account, you can choose the billing method that suits you best:

  • For a direct debit directly from your bank account, simply click on "Use this bank account as your primary payment method". A page will open where you can sign your SEPA Direct Debit mandate online
  • If you do not click on this button, you will be debited directly from your bank card