Yes, you can personalize the email you send to request a swik.

Each swik request includes a field dedicated to the reason of the request, customizable, allowing you to add the text you want. In this space, you can insert the request reason (example : Thank you for finalizing your reservation for the T4 cocooning apartment in Chamonix by securing your security deposit online), but also remind rental terms and conditions, add a thank you message, offer additional services, etc.

Indeed, when you are requesting a swik on, if you click on « Sent the request », an email will be sent with the Swikly style, but the customizable part where you can write what you want will always be displayed in the email sent to your clients.

If you want to keep your communication habits and your personal design, you can click on « Generate a single-use link ». Then you just need to copy/paste the link within a personalized email.