Swikly is for everyone, individuals or professionals, who need to protect a rental property, such as :

  • Owners and property managers: from the rental management concierge, through property managers, B&Bs, vacation homes and real estate agencies, to the individual renting out his or her apartment on an occasional basis, security deposits requests are simplified.
  • Car rental companies: individuals or professionals, Swikly facilitate security deposit request, comfort your client, reduce displacements and queue, and allow a 24/7 self-service, paperless rental.
  • Campsite managers: from small entities to vacation villages, Swikly reduce the queue at the arrival desk, allows staff to focus on welcoming customers and improving their satisfaction level
  • Equipment renters: cameras, computer equipment, buildings, entertainment equipment... Swikly can secure all types of goods for a rental in full confidence.
  • Anyone who needs to secure a rented good !



Swikly is also dedicated to all professionals and individuals suffering from no-show or last minute cancellations :

  • Activity providers: outdoor activities, water sports, sports, Swikly allows you to secure the reservation of customers and avoid cancellations by empowering consumers with a security deposit
  • Restaurant owners: all types of restaurants, Swikly protect from no-shows, cancellations and to recover lost profits
  • Beauty salons, hairdressing, aesthetics... : to avoid no-shows and optimize your planning


Swikly also offers an online payment service for anyone who needs to receive funds in a secure way!